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Call Manager 8.x Conference Call Capability.

I am trying to determine the internal software conference call capabilities of Call Manager (excluding any external DPS resources as might be found in a gateway router).  Cisco TAC has guided me to two parameters that can change the total number of participants over all conference calls (the default is set to 48) and the number of participants for a given conference call (the default is set to 4).  Each of these values can be changed to other values.  My question is if these value would be systemwide or by node?  The CM Publisher is located 100 miles away from the CM Subscriber.  IP Phones at each site register to their local Call Manager.  At the default values, does each node of CM act independantly of the other node regarding conference calling software capabilties?  Can 48 conference call participants exists in each node at one time?  I was able to set the CM Administration ==> System ==> Service Parameters ==> <CM Node> ==> Cisco IP Voice Media Stream App ==> Conference Bridge (CFB) Parameters ==> Call Count to 50 for one node while maintaining the default value of 48 on the other node.  Might you know if Call Manager's internal software conference call capability is by node or systemwide?

Thank you in advance for your guidance.


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Call Manager 8.x Conference Call Capability.

That info is contained in each section from the service parameters:

Clusterwide Parameters (Feature - Conference)

Each instance of the SW CFB can handle up to 128 streams.

How many ad-hoc and meet-me you can have at any time??

128 / Value of each parameter = total conferences (ad-hoc OR meet-me)

The 128 streams are shared, it's not that you have 128 for ad-hoc and 128 for meet-me.

Be aware that resources are allocated for the number of participants you configure, if you have 48 configured but only 4 people in the conference those other 44 streams cannot be used by any other conference.



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Hi all,Jaime Valencia, your

Hi all,

Jaime Valencia, your guide has help me for CUCM Conference ad-hoc.


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