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Call Manager, dial plan change

We are changing our dial plan from 4 digits to 10 digits due to overlaping DNs in multiple sites.

Question that I have is that "Is their a better way to do this other than BAT export and then Import"

Concerns I have that I would have to remove all the phones and users from CCM and then re-import them through BAT and I would loose all my customization (speed dial, Address Book, fast dials) for all the users.

I have well over 2500 users.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Re: Call Manager, dial plan change

10 digit seems pretty aggressive. I would opt for a 7 digit. (3digit site code + 4 digits)

If you could break out the sites and keep the 4 digits you could be fine. Everyones phone stays the same.

for instance:

- SFO 300xxxx

- NYC 400xxxx

- LAX 500xxxx

The xxxx stays the same, etc. Just change your translations so CCM knows where to find these devices in their partitions and sites. My guess is that you have all the phones in the same partition or site. Devise a plan to break it out logically, with dial patterns/translations to/from each site.

You probably need to update or change Unity for voicemail. One of my projects, we ended up changing their Unity ID to the 7digit mailbox number that matched their extension in the global directory.

Im sure you will get more responses, but this is my 1.5 cents.


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Call Manager, dial plan change


I am facing the same here. We are planning to midgrade the DNs to add two digits however I don't want to use the export import. Is there a better way? Or how would someone go about doing this less intrusive.

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