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Call Park on a CUCM cluster with 3 node

Hi to all.

I have a problem related to parking calls.

I developed an application that monitors a number of  IPPhones via CTI (jtapi). Scope of my application is toan provide a Phone Console where a user can see phone status end can do some action such as answer, make a call, place on hold and so on.

I have to monitor the call Park number too.

I know I can't monitor via CTI Call Park number so I implemented a solution based on phone and providers events, so I can store Call Park Status in my cache application.

CUCM vesrion is 8.6, cluster is made with 3 node.

Call Park numbers are registered, on Node 2.

Clusterwide callPark parameter is set to false.

IPPhones (all 7975) are registered half on Node2 and half on node 3 (both subscribers).

In the CDN  jtapi forum I found this answer:

Currently 'cluster-wide' call park DNs cannot be monitored by CTI applications (this is roadmapped for an upcoming release.)  If these are not cluster-wide CP DNs, then note that apps can only monitor CP DNs which are instanced on the same node as the Callmanager/CTI-Manager service instances that the app connects to.
Then scenario is the following:

If I park a call on the phones registered on Node 2 I receive correctly the events and  parking/unparking repeatly the same call, works well.

If I park a call placed on a phone registered on Node 3, the first time I park the call, I receive correctly the events, if I unpark  and then park for the second time, park fails and the message is that no CP numbers are available.

My app is connected to Node 2, so I don't understand what 's the problem.

Any idea ?


Cisco Employee

Call Park on a CUCM cluster with 3 node

This would be handled better if you post this also in the CDN, as it's a custom app.



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