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Call Pickup Picking up all calls

We have two 7960 phones with 2 7914 modules each. The 7914s are populated with 28 shared lines. The 7960s are configured with 3 lines: 2 main numbers, and the user's extension. I'm running CCM 4.2(3).

We have 4 Pickup groups: Receptionist, Sales, Off-site Facility, and Night Bell.

All main lines are part of the Sales group or the off-site group (depending on their location). All lines can pick up the night-bell calls. Only the 7960 lines are part of the receptionist pickup group.

When the main receptionist is not in, the A/R employee answers calls at her desk. When a call comes in to the main reception phone, if it is not answered, it routes to the A/R employee's phone. Instead of waiting the 6 seconds, she PickUp/Answer the call.

What is happening is if the 7960 has a load higher than P00306000400, any call to a person elsewhere in the system(direct or transfered) gets picked up by the receptionist when she does PickUp/Answer.

Any insight? I did recently upgrade from CCM 4.0(1)sr2a.

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