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Call record priviacy issue


We are using Unified CM 6.1.2. Two users have their unique primary phone number configured on their 7941 phone. They also share each others number as secondary line for backup purpose. It appears the first user can see the second user's call record on his phone along with his own call record, such as missing calls. Is there a way to keep each user's priviate call record on their own phone only? For example, user A can only see all the missing calls to his primary extenion on his phone only and can not see who called user B on A's phone?

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Re: Call record priviacy issue

Hi Lawrence,

With the release of CUCM 6.1(3) this can be mitigated for "Missed Calls";

Logging Missed Calls For Shared Lines


Tip The information in this section does not exist in the online help for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration or in any other Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.1(x) document besides the release notes.



With the missed call logging for shared lines feature, the administrator can configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, or the phone user can configure Cisco Unified CM User Options, so Cisco Unified Communications Manager logs missed calls in the call history to a specified shared line appearance on a phone.

Missed Calls

The missed calls feature allows the phone administrator to specify whether missed calls will get logged in the missed calls directory for a given line appearance. The following properties apply to the missed calls feature:

•The line can represent a directory number or shared line. The default behavior logs all missed calls on all lines.

•Missed call logging operates on a line basis. The line can represent a directory number or a shared line.

•If the phone administrator configures a line appearance (share or non-shared), so missed calls do not get logged, calls to that line never get logged in the missed call log directory, even if the calls eventually get forwarded due to no answer.

•If more than one line key gets configured on a phone, logging missed calls depends on the missed call log setting for each line.

•Missed call logging gets controlled by an on/off configuration parameter that is sent to the phone in the configuration file.

•The Missed Calls Log configuration does not affect any existing or previous call log items.

•Calls on lines that are not logged do not affect the New Missed Call status message.

•If the phone administrator turns off the missed calls feature on the configured line appearance, the missed calls do not get listed in the missed call history on that line appearance.

In addition to these properties, the following properties continue to apply all calls:

•All calls that are received on a phone appear in the Received Calls log, regardless of the line on which they were received.

•All calls that are made from a phone appear in the Placed Calls log, regardless of whether they were placed from a shared or primary line.

The missed calls feature gets supported on the following phones that are running SCCP and SIP:

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7906G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7911G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7931G (SCCP only)

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941G/GE

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7942G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7945G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961G/GE

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7962G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965G

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970G-GE

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7971G-GE

•Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G

Hope this helps!


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