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Call Transfer Report

Is there a report or utility that will allow me to list all the subscriber "Call Tranfer" settings so that I can quickly determine if they are setup correctly without going into each subscriber. Specifically I'm looking for the "Transfer incoming calls to subscriber's phone" settings for all subscribers.


Cisco Employee

Re: Call Transfer Report

there's no snappy report for this, however you can whip through them pretty quick using Audio Text Manager which you'll find in the Tools Depot on your desktop.

You didn't indicate your version so I'm assuming a fairly recent 4.x build.

If you open up ATM, select "grid view" on the left and choose subscribes in the drop down, all subscribers will be shown in the list. You can sort by name or extension number. Then on the right select the "transfers" tab - this shows you the transfer type, number to be dialed and if its active or not. You can then whip through the list using the mouse or keyboard - the transfers tab "sticks" so it loads that info for everyone as you move through the list. Should go pretty quick.

New Member

Re: Call Transfer Report

I'm also looking for a report that displays "Date of last change" for the unity account password. Is there a way to do that? Unity 4.1


Cisco Employee

Re: Call Transfer Report

Subscriber information dump can kick out a couple pieces of data that can help you. It can tell you the last time user's call in over the phone and it can also tell you how many days till the subscriber's PW expires - might be what you're looking for. If you need the date the PW was changed that can be done with a query - let me know if that's the case.

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