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CallHandler with an Outage Message for Helpdesk?

I consider myself pretty savy in CallHandlers, but this one is stumping me and I am not sure if Unity can handle this issue.

Company xyz has a global number that calls into their HQ. We have a CH setup to go through a tree:

"You have reached XYZ helpdesk, press 1 for DR, press 2 for the helpdesk, press 3 for desktop, press 4 for storage"

To hit the helpdesk, it actually does a system transfer to an external HelpDesk support system.

All works great. Now for the stick in the mud. They want to add an Outage Message to play before the greeting above and have the ability to change this message or turn it on and off. But not change the original greeting.

I can this working in IPCC, but I really don't want to build a script for this. (not ipcc savy)

Can Unity Handle this type of ACD or is this out it's league?

cheers unity wizards!

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Re: CallHandler with an Outage Message for Helpdesk?

Create a new CH with a blank greeting and "after greeting" action goto the helpdesk menu CH.

Route the helpdesk calls to the new CH.

Give the new CH an extension number and assign ownership to a helpdesk mailbox so the helpdesk person can record a greeting using Greetings Administrator TUI.

Switching off the greeting can be done by changing back to a blank greeting via Unity Admin, or you could have the helpdesk persion switch to a alternate greeting which has a blank greeting.(using Greetings Administrator)



Re: CallHandler with an Outage Message for Helpdesk?

Very clever! I will give this a try in the lab tomorrow.


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Re: CallHandler with an Outage Message for Helpdesk?

There are probably a couple diffrent ways you could accomplish this. One way would be to create a new call handler for the outage message, enable the alternate greeting and set the greeting to be blank and it's after greeting action would route the call to your current call handler. Then configure your calls to go to the outage call handler first.

When their is an outage, they can record an actual greeting for the outage call handler so that callers hear the outage message before being routed to the main call handler which currently gives them their menu options.

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