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Callmanager Back-Up


I have problem with callmanager 6.01 back-up,

I have been running Core FTP mini-sftp-server,i keep getting the error message-unable to access SFTP Server-backup completed.

Looking through the forum-FreeTFPd is recommended,i have already installed it but am having difficulties using it,any one can guide on how to do the set-up,especially setting up the user names and passwords and running it.

Better still if anyone can assist me in setting this up using any other SFTP server.

Please find the error attached.

Please help.



Re: Callmanager Back-Up

What SFTP are you using?

New Member

Re: Callmanager Back-Up

I have been using core SFTP server,

From posts on this forum however,FreeTFPd looks to be the recomended one.

I installed FreeTFPd server and i keep getting some errors,credentials not set right-yet it seems all items are set well,please give me some guidance on use of this sftp server.

I have zeroed down on the SFTP server because all is set well on the callmanager.

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Re: Callmanager Back-Up

It may not be a solution but i want to share

I am using FreeFTPD. I was having issue connecting to the FreeFTPD. I did find out that the issue was the FreeFTPD is being offline when i log off from the server where I put the FreeFTPd.

I had to login to the that server (make sure that the FreeFTPD is online and do manual back up.

But for some reason, the schedule backup is working every night now.

I am not sure what did i do but i notice that even thought the SFTP server status is offline,

the users status is online

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Re: Callmanager Back-Up

We have had this issue as well with FreeFTPD. I cant leave the machine loged on. What apps had people had to work as service. Free or not free.

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