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Callmanager IVR codec issue ?

Hi guys, i have a 2821 router with a voice PRI terminating on it, we are placing CCM 4.3 on the LAN, i have following confusions so kindly help me out,

We will be using G.729 codec throughout our environment so we will not be needing any transcoding between branches calling on the same codec ( am i right ?? ) but if some1 wants to listen to IVR ( from the branch ) does the call needs to be converted to G.711 ?? i have heard that CCM receives only G.711 calls on IVR , kindly tell me is it true ?

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Re: Callmanager IVR codec issue ?

I am assuming you will be implementing Cisco IP-IVR, if so it can be installed as G.711 or G.729. If you plan on using G.729 everywhere then simply install it as G.729 and you will not need a transcoder.

So, will you also use G.729 for calls within the same location? Keep in mind that phone and voice GWs can negotiate the codec and do not require a seperate transcoder, so the best practice is to use G.711 on LAN (within a site) and G.729 to remote locations.

Since you are going to have IP-IVR which does not do native transcoding and hardware transcoding would be required you can configure CM such that IP-IVR ports will always use the installed codec between other regions, so if a caller at the hub site calls into IVR or a caller at a branch site calls into IVR it will use the same codec, G711 or G729 (whichever you decide to install IVR with).

If you need pointers on how to configure it, it's all in the REGION configuration on CallManager.



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Re: Callmanager IVR codec issue ?

Thanks Chris, we will be using G.729 everywhere means LAN and WAN, now we decided to install the demo version of IPCC that is coming freely win CCM 4.3, in this case can we also install IPCC IVR as G.729 codec ???

If yes then the calls that are coming from PSTN they will be G.711 calls so in this case will the transcoding be needed ? if yes where this transcoding will be done on CCM ? or router ?

Kindlu guide me through this, thanks for your feedback, i have tried my best to keep my query as simple as possible but if there is any confusion do let me know

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