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CallManager Monitoring

Hi, All

I am writing application which will be monitoring CallManager.

This appl must collect number of phones connected, number of current calls, memory usage and etc.

How can I collect this data from CCM programmatically?

How can I run CallManager on a Windows server programmatically?

Thanks ahead


Re: CallManager Monitoring

Well, the data you are looking for 4.x will be in the SQL table. Hooking into the SQL database to pull this information out is not always supported from TAC. It's a fine line you are dealing with when you have an issue with CCM.

In 5.x, you will have no access to the database beccause it runs on Informix. Cisco supports a few vendors that will run reports you are looking for. YOu could compare how they do this, but...

Prognosis is a vendor that is TAC supported to run on CCM. Very few vendors are allowed to install on the windows/CCM server. Normally, no software is allowed to be installed on the CCM server unless apporved of by Cisco. If your CCM has a problem, they find 3rd party software, support is ceased until that software is removed.

CDR Records can be exported and batch file moved to another folder for anaylizing by "your* software. This will give you call records, but no so much phones connected. (if they are used, it will give you info)

For windows information, that would WMI in Windows. This interface will display all the memory, disk, etc.

good luck.

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