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Calls issue on SIP SRST

Hi everyone,

i just configured my srst to support sip phones. During fallback all phones (sccp and sip) are able to register to the srst router. First i try sip to sip are working, then sip to sccp are also working, but when i tried sccp to sip i get an error tone. Then all calls either sip or sccp started to fail. I observered that call failure starts when sccp calls to sip phones.

Try rebooting the sip phones and call was restored (sip to sip and sip to sccp). But again when sccp to sip the call fails and then every call fails again. Upon dialing it just dead air and after a couple of seconds there is an error tone. Try adding a dial-peer but it did not work

voice service voip

allow-connections h323 to h323

allow-connections h323 to sip

allow-connections sip to h323

allow-connections sip to sip

no supplementary-service h450.2

no supplementary-service h450.3

supplementary-service h450.12

no supplementary-service sip moved-temporarily

no supplementary-service sip refer

fax protocol t38 version 0 ls-redundancy 0 hs-redundancy 0 fallback none



  bind control source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0

  bind media source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0

  min-se 1200 session-expires 1200


  registrar server expires max 600 min 60

  asserted-id pai

  no update-callerid

  early-offer forced


  no call service stop


voice class codec 1

codec preference 1 g711alaw

codec preference 2 g711ulaw


voice class codec 2

codec preference 1 g729r8

codec preference 2 g711ulaw

codec preference 3 g711alaw



voice register global

system message Backup Mode

max-dn 200

max-pool 42


voice register pool  1

id network mask


incoming called-number

dtmf-relay rtp-nte

voice-class codec 1

no vad




  service alternate Default



ccm-manager fallback-mgcp

ccm-manager mgcp

no ccm-manager fax protocol cisco

ccm-manager music-on-hold

ccm-manager config server

ccm-manager config



mgcp call-agent 2427 service-type mgcp version 0.1

mgcp rtp unreachable timeout 1000 action notify

mgcp modem passthrough voip mode nse

mgcp package-capability rtp-package

mgcp package-capability sst-package

mgcp package-capability pre-package

no mgcp package-capability res-package

no mgcp timer receive-rtcp

mgcp sdp simple

mgcp fax t38 inhibit

mgcp bind control source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0

mgcp bind media source-interface GigabitEthernet0/0


mgcp profile default



secondary-dialtone 9

max-conferences 8 gain -6

transfer-system full-consult

ip source-address port 2000

max-ephones 42

max-dn 100

application ctapp

system message primary System on Backup Mode

system message secondary Backup Mode

transfer-pattern ....

time-zone 41

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Calls issue on SIP SRST

Enable debug on your VG, recreate the issue and post the output here.

debug ccsip all

debug voip ccapi inout

debug sccp event

debug sccp config

Please rate replies and mark question as "answered" if applicable.

Please rate replies and mark question as "answered" if applicable.
New Member

Calls issue on SIP SRST

Just fixed the problem. it seems that there is missing config on my call-manager fallback. also during srst mode, i was not able to calls between sccp. I just add "appliation default".


i could not get the logs, sccp phones will disconnect upon issuing the debug command. thanks for reply

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