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CallsInProgress not showing in Real Time Monitoring Tool

I'm running Cisco Unified Real Time Monitoring Tool 8.92(002) on CUCM

Under Cisco Locations I have the ability to graph CallsInProgress.

This works for Locations that have an audio bandwidth set to a kbps setting. But for locations that have audio bandwidth set to "Unlimited" it does not graph anything.

How can I get it to show the number of calls in progress for locations with unlimited bandwidth?


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Hi Robert,As per my

Hi Robert,

As per my understanding this is working as designed. I could not get a supporting document for the same. You can try replicating the same in a lab environment or someone else on the forum can do so.



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We don't have a lab

We don't have a lab environment, so I don't have the ability to replicate it in another environment.

But in our production environment we have over 200 locations. Those that have "audio bandwidth" set to a kbps setting show with "CallsInProgress" while those with it set to "Unlimited" show as 0, even though they are currently on calls.

Can someone else provide input into whether they see the same results in their environment?

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There has to be some sort of

There has to be some sort of limit to the bandwith to your locations. I would reccomend setting that value or create a value to set so thet the calls are measured..

I believe that this value may need to be set to allow congestion monitoring and reporting??

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