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Can't access CUE web interface

This seems to happen to people as there are some threads along these lines

When I GUI into my CUE, I get a contact lost message. It attempts to reconnect with some parameters that I am supplying. These parameters are my hostname (IP address of the service engine, my username as found in the IOS and the associated password for that username.

This results in the same page getting re-displayed to me

So, from a previous thread:

Clarification...that error that you're seeing (..has lost contact with the router...) usually means one of three things

1) the CME login info on CUE is not in sync with the admin system login under telephony-services has changed

2) the CME ip address configured on the IOS side has changed

3) the CME admin config is missing/removed

To fix this:

- check under the CME admin user name and password configured under CME on the IOS side using 'show telephony-service admin'

Done and verified. Same username I am trying to log in with

- find the ip address configured on the router that is used to access the http server serving the CME pages.

This would be the module service-engine IP. I am getting the web page so this is probably correct

- compare info from the above two steps with the info returned on CUE using 'show sysdb /sw/apps/gui'

This command show me the same username that I am trying to log in with on the GUI

- make sure (I assume) all the interfaces are up (including the service-engine--yes, you can still ping it if it's shut down). Do a 'show ip int brief' on the IOS router and make sure they're all up/up.

They are all UP/UP

Any other suggestions as to how I can get this GUI to respond

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Re: Can't access CUE web interface


I know this sounds as a strange solution, but have you verified that all the files required are in the flash, I had similiar problems accesing the GUI, when I downloaded the missing files I could login.


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