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Can't access subscribers mailbox with OWA

I'm trying to access subscribers mailboxes on Exchange using Outlook Web Access. This works fine on two clusters but the third has some resolution issue. When trying to access the mailbox through OWA, I put in the URL

The username/password box pops up normally. But, when I put in the DOMAIN\alias and password, it will say, at the top, "connecting to" After several seconds, it will fail and the url in the address box will be, not the Exchange server name. It appears to be some kind of resolution issue. But, the Host flies on Unity and Exhange are correct. Unity points to Exchange for DNS and Exchange points to another DNS server that I don't have access to. All other services work. I pointed the Exchange server to itself for DNS and still got the same thing.

I even tried access on the Exchange server itself, got the same thing.

Is there some other place to look for resolution? Or could it be something different?


Re: Can't access subscribers mailbox with OWA

Sounds like a microsoft problem, not really Unity. Unity really has nothing to do with Exchange. (in regards to OWA) Typically, you do not even need to use /inbox. And you only use /alias if you are using the account Unitymsgstore service account. SO when I check on someone's vm only account, i put in:


It prompts for the login

unitymsgstore service account


IE may want the domain so use the Domain\unitymsgstoreservice

If you are trying to give end users access to OWA (odd reason) then they need to have their own username/pwd. If the Alias is different than the username, use the username.

It should also work ON the exchange server as


Re: Can't access subscribers mailbox with OWA

This is an odd situation where we're giving some end users access to the OWA.

When I put in the URL http://ipaddressofexchange/alias it prompts for a login (I don't always use inbox). The login window says "Connect to " at the top. I put in the DOMAIN\alias and password, click OK. The login window dissapears for a second and comes back. At the top of the login window it now says "Connecting to " I click it three times and then the URL is populated with http:///exchange/alias/ and the username field gets populated with the same thing.

I do this all right on the Exchange server, although it happens from any station.

It just seems like something is resolving the Exchange server ip address to the Unity server fully qualified domain name.

Right now, the Exchhange server is pointing to a DNS server that I don't have access to. But, when I pint the exchange server to itself and do a nslookup, I get the following output. Note that DNS is configured and running on the Exchange server.

Microsoft Windows [Version 5.2.3790]

(C) Copyright 1985-2003 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\UnityAdmin>nslookup

DNS request timed out.

timeout was 2 seconds.

*** Can't find server name for address Timed out

Default Server: UnKnown


Any reson why the server can't find itself when it's configured in DNS and Host file? Thanks.

Re: Can't access subscribers mailbox with OWA

It's an IIS problem then. You should always be able to use the IP address unless there is something IIS saying to resolve to FQDN after login, etc.

Is Exchange and Unity on the same server?

Re: Can't access subscribers mailbox with OWA

No, Exchange is off box. The IIS service is running. And, there are no IIS errors or warnings in the logs.

Re: Can't access subscribers mailbox with OWA

Thanks for the responses. I found the problem. The subscribers in question are located on the Unity server, which is why it keeps trying to resolve to the Unity server. It was, apparently, originally built with Exchange on box. The subscribers may have been created at that time. The off box Exchange was added later, I presume.

In any case, I can get into the mailboxes with OWA on Unity if I use the following URL from the beginning:


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