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Can't End Active Calll on FXO port

When I first checked the ports they had a VPM_State of FXOLS_REMOTE_RELEASE. I couldn't get any calls to traverse those ports. I did a shut/no shut on those ports and now I have a VPM_State of FXOLS_ONHOOK, but it shows a Codec of g711ulaw and a VTSP_State of S_Connect, although there should be a call on that port. Weird, huh?

Next I check show call active voice brief and it shows a call leg that has a duration of over 3 days on that port. Why do I still have a call on that port if I do a shut/no shut? I can get the port to answer an incomming call, but it doesn't work. Right now I have that port busyout forced.

Anyone have any idea on how to clear the call short of rebooting the router? I'm going to end up doing that tonight anyway, but I want to get this working for the rest of the day. It's actually happening on 3 ports spread across 2 cards. So their 6 phone lines are down to 3 phone lines right now.

I tried to 'clear call voice causecode 32 id 132A' but the call leg still remains. Here is some of the output:

wwfhc-taylor-2821#sh voice call sum


============== ========= === ==================== ======================

0/1/0 g711ulaw n S_CONNECT FXOLS_BUSYOUT

132A : 119 42454960ms.1 +100 pid:0 Answer 7347575257 active

dur 3d00h tx:3066/514929 rx:2820/451200

Tele 0/1/0 (119) [0/1/0] tx:261781670/261781670/0ms g711ulaw noise:-65 acom:6 i/0:-68/-67 dBm

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Re: Can't End Active Calll on FXO port

You should be able to set the supervisory disconnect on the FXO port on the gateway.

Re: Can't End Active Calll on FXO port

Hi Jacob,

the above command might help

If nothing happen:

It is a bug in your ios

please upgrade to a newer version

wish this be helpful

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Re: Can't End Active Calll on FXO port

Yeah, I tried those commands and it didn't work. I'm running 12.4(24)T1.

I just upgraded to this version to resolve another issue; guess I'm going back down :)

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Re: Can't End Active Calll on FXO port

I can't believe I'm the only one having this problem. I see it on two different routers that I manager. TAC has no clue!!

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Re: Can't End Active Calll on FXO port

Buggy IOS, eg 12.4.22 YB5 should be better. It's a telephony-specific release and gets lot more testing.

Plus I have in a all-FXO site w/o trouble so far.

Note, TAC is not really much TAC unless you are adamant on keeping your case P2 all the time, and are talking to "escalation team".

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Re: Can't End Active Calll on FXO port

I'll give that code a shot. I was running 12.4.22 YB2 orginaially before I upgraded to 12.4.24T1. Let's hope YB5 has the fix for this bug. Thanks for your input!

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