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Can't find the password for a mailbox

I have an extension that shows a message waiting (CCM 4.1). The extension is NOT showing up anywhere in Unity (4.04). It is not an "alternate extension". When I try to check voicemail from that phone i hear the "enter your password". So I don't know where the message goes, or how to get to it (or if there is really a msg or not).

Any ideas?

As an aside, whenever I delete a unity mailbox I get an error:

"One or more substitue objects for this subscriber are invalid. This could result in database corruption if you delete this subscriber. Delete this subscriber? "

Could this be part of the problem?

any suggestions welcome


Cisco Employee

Re: Can't find the password for a mailbox

Couple things here - in the SA on the configuration page there's settings for telling Unity what to do when objects are deleted if they were listed as owners/recipients of a handler or the destination of a one key rule etc... you definitely want to go in and set those since they can cause invalid DB references. DbWalker will run existing ones down but in general they're good to avoid up front.

No, this is not likely related. If you're hearing that conversation then we are getting a calling number from CM that maps to a subscriber somewhere - either CM is sending us something you're not expecting or you're missing something in the DB. First thing to check here is to pop open the CallViewer application (which you'll find in the tools depot on your Unity desktop) and see what the calling number is on an inbound call. Once you have that then you can search the raw Unity DB to see what user that guy is mapped to - you can do this using the Database Explorer (also available in ToolsDepot) - go to the DTMFaccessID table and find that extension - hover the mouse over the parentobjectId and it'll resolve it in a popup window for you so you can see which object owns it and go from there...

New Member

Re: Can't find the password for a mailbox

Wow, lots of great information there. I brought up the callviewer and checked the messages from that phone, call viewer showed it was extension 6677 (which I thought it was) when i looked for it in the database explorer it didn't show up. But on the phone the red light is on. Methinks that Call Manager needs a reboot!

I tried just resetting/restarting the phone but that didn't work.

Cisco Employee

Re: Can't find the password for a mailbox

so the problem is that the MWI is on? I thought it was saying "please enter your password"... is that not the case? If Unity is playing that prompt we think the call is coming from a subscriber's extension for some reason.

New Member

Re: Can't find the password for a mailbox

the MWI light is on, but when I press that button on the phone and then the message button I now get "Cisco unity messaging, from a touchtone ..."

It looks like the reason I got that other message was that someone had put that extension in the "alternate ext" field of another voicemail box while I was working on it. That person no longer has access to Unity. Sorry, that confused you guys as much as it confused me!

So tonight I will reboot unity and ccm and see if they both agree that there is no message waiting on that extension!

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