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Can't hear sound when call using Cisco Expressway


I have deployed Expressway C and E in my lab to try Jabber without VPN from internet. I can successfully login from internet. The problem is when I make a call to the client which is registered directly to CUCM, jabber is ringing, but I can't hear sound from both clients (using Jabber windows 9.7 for calling and called parties).  My Expressway E deployment is using one leg with static NAT. I have open firewall from inside to public IP Expressway E and vice versa.

Also if I call from inside to Jabber Expressway, It will fail with service unavailable.error message from call history in Expresswawy C.

My topology looks like this:.

internet <--> firewall (apply static NAT to Expressway E) <---> Router <--> switch --- UCS server (Expressway C and E in same subnet)

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When configuring the

When configuring the traversal zone, make sure you put in a DNS name that resolves to the public IP not the NATed IP.

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New Member

Do you mean Expressway C

Do you mean Expressway C should be able to communicate with Expressway E's Public IP address?


Thats correct. Its how the

Thats correct. Its how the SDP messages are sent etc.

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New Member

Hi,I'm facing the same issue.


I'm facing the same issue... Did you ever find out the solution?

Thanks in advance,


New Member

Hi,I'm changing my topology


I'm changing my topology so that my VCS-E use dual network interface with static NAT and it works. I can't configure NAT reflection on my firewall, that's why I decide to change my topology

New Member

Thanks for your reply. I'm

Thanks for your reply. I'm trying to do that change too, although in this new scenario I'm facing connectivity problems ... let's see if eventually I can make it work

New Member

Ferdi,I want to enable Cisco


I want to enable Cisco Jabber as well without VPN but really facing a lot of difficulties to do that

Could you please tell me the easy way to do implementation and tested with minimum configurations


Thanks in advance

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