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Cancelling messages in Unity 4.2(1)


I have what I believe will be a simple question: In Unity I leave a message and then I want to cancel it. I press a key (usually #) to bring up the message options menu and then press '6' to cancel. Unity asks if I want to try another extension, please do so now. If there is no input, after 3 seconds it disconnects. What call handler can I alter in Unity to extend the length of time before a disconnect, or just simply disable it altogether? Thanks!


Re: Cancelling messages in Unity 4.2(1)

If the message has already been sent. (Unity lady says "sent") You cant cancel, its a done deal.

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Re: Cancelling messages in Unity 4.2(1)

Thanks for the reply.

No at this point the message itself has not been sent. For instance, I record a message for a subscriber, and without disconnecting the call I press # to get into the options menu. This is where Unity states "To send message with normal priority, press 1. To mark urgent, press 2. To playback your message press 3," etc.

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