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Cannot Access Unity Express GUI - Lost Contact Error Page

I configured everything through the CLI so the first time I logged on to the CUE GUI I selected the 'skip and logoff' option. Now when I try to login I get the lost contact error screen and it will not accept a new username/password.

When I do a 'show sysdb /sw/apps/gui' on the CUE it is missing the username and password and when I run a 'debug ip http authentication' from the CME I get a single line stating incorrect/invalid password or something like that.

I have verified that the username and passwords are all the same and can log into the CCME web page.

Can someone please help me set the CUE to re-run the initialization wizard or figure out a way to get the 'show sysdb /sw/apps/gui' to show a valid username and password?

I do see the username I am trying to use on the CUE and it is associated with the Administrators group and given SuperUser and ChangePrompts rights. I have also changed the password on the CUE several times to try and match them up with no luck.

Cisco Employee

Re: Cannot Access Unity Express GUI - Lost Contact Error Page

What version of CUE and IOS (and CME) is this? So when you do a 'show telephony admin' from IOS, you see a system admin such as:

web admin system name admin password mypass

You don't have secure HTTP configured? I.e. you can log in to CME with just http://, not https://

The later versions of CUE all just do a local authentication. I.e. if you have a user/password configured that is part of the Administrators group (with superuser rights). Then if it can't contact CME, it will pop up a window where you specify the hostname/username/password of the CME.

Community Member

Re: Cannot Access Unity Express GUI - Lost Contact Error Page

Hi JJ,

I know this was an issue in 2003, but I am hoping you have resolved this CUE authentication issue?

If so can you please let me know what the solution was?

Many thanks,


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