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Cannot logon to voicemail on remote site

I have the following situation:

* CallManager 4.2(3) and Unity Connection 1.1(1) SR1 in Belgium

* Users log in with a device profile in Belgium and can access there voice-mail without problems.

* If the same user logs on in UK (another site on the same cluster), he cannot access his voicemail. The user hears the following

* Prompt: Please enter your password followed by pound.

* ..user enters PIN

* Prompt: Please enter your ID

* ... user enters extension...

* Prompt: Please enter your password"

* ... user enters PIN again

* Prompt: "Cisco unity connection will now hang up, Bye"

What I have already checked:

* Verified codec wasn't the problem (Tried G.711 and G.729 on both sites)

* In the unity "CallViewer" I see the correct "Dialed Number" and "Calling Number" coming in for both sites

* Verified the unity PortStatusMonitor. There is a difference: In Belgium unity receives a "AttemptSignIn". In UK unity receives a "AttemptForward" (See screenshots)

Any idea what could be the reason for this issue? Could this be a media-resource problem?

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