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CCM 4.2.1


We are running the following CCM Server

OS 2000.4.6 sr6

Cisco CallManager version 4.2(1)sr1b

When I run BARS 4-0-12 manually, I get the following error:

[02:00:02 AM]   Staging Cisco Unified CallManager target 10.X.X.1.

[02:00:02 AM]   Saving Cisco Unified CallManager version.

[02:00:02 AM]   Staging LmHosts file.

[02:00:02 AM]   Staging Hosts file.

[02:00:02 AM]   Staging CallManagerAttendant file.

[02:00:02 AM]   Staging security files from C:\Program Files\Cisco\Certificates

[02:00:02 AM]   Staging IPMA configuration file.

[02:00:02 AM]   Finding Cisco Unified CallManager database.

[02:00:02 AM]   [Error]    Could not find CM db on10.X.X.1.

[02:00:02 AM]   Skipping CDR database backup on 10.X.X.1.

[02:00:03 AM]   [Error]    Could not determine the path for CDR flat files from database. Backing up from default location.

[02:00:03 AM]   No CDR file exists.

[02:00:03 AM]   [Error]    Could not determine TFTP Path from database. Backing up from default location.

[02:00:03 AM]   Verifying disk space for copying TFTP files.

[02:00:03 AM]   Staging TFTP files from C:\Program Files\Cisco\TFTPpath.

[02:00:21 AM]   [Error]    Could not backup Cisco Unified CallManager successfully on 10.X.X.1.

[02:00:21 AM]  

[02:00:21 AM]   Staging complete. Size of staging directory is 321MB.

[02:00:21 AM]   Building archive \\10.X.X.10\ccmbackup\Backup01-18-12#2-00.tar.

Could not find the database on this server 10.X.X.1.

I uninstall BARS, reboot server, reinstalled BARS, reboot server.

Setup the Data Source Server Config to 10.X.X.1 as the source server, select CCM - Cisco Unified CallManager as the application to backup

I get this same error as above:

All components for Cisco Unified CallManager could not be found.

Error: Could not find Cisco Unified CallManager database on this server.

Very if Cisco Unified CallManager is installed on 10.X.X.1

Our cluster has been running for 2 years with no issues on our Cisco IP Phones systems.


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