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CCME conferencing

I build a multisites CCME architecture and I want to introduce Conferencing. I face a problem and I want help

To establish the conferencing I looked differents cisco documentation and I have to configure DSP. I don't realy understand theirs role so if you could introduce them, I will happy.

After to configure the conferencing, I saw to config voice-card.

Extract of config router :

CCME-site-1(config)#voice-card ?

<0-4> Voice interface slot #

CCME-site-1(config)#voice-card 0




CCME-site-1(config)#voice-card 1


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


I think, I only voice card to configure dsp but I'm not sure.

I configure voice-card 0 with dsp services dspfarm command, then sccp options (local, ccm, ccm group, etc...) even :

CCME-site-1(config)#dspfarm profile 1 conference

Dspfarm profile 1 :: No resource, check voice card or dspfarm service is not configured


This message is very ambigous, but I suppose I have not voice card with dspfarm on my router no ??

Should I purchase a voice card or dsp like this link I don't no :

PVDM2 Top and Bottom Views


I hope that you understand my problem.

Cisco Employee

Re: CCME conferencing

do a sh tech, make sure you have a voice card and PVDMs to configure this, refer to this doc

Configuring Enhanced Conferencing and Transcoding for Voice Gateway Routers



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if this helps, please rate
New Member

Re: CCME conferencing

Can you explain me the differences between NM-module and PVDM module. When I read the DOC, I not totally understand what module use or buy !!

I work on the 3845 router and 2801 series.

When the 3845 start I see on BOOT : PVDM2 SIMM.

Architecture between 2 sites :

LAN 1 --> 2801(CCME)--> 3845 --> WAN <<<>>> WAN <--- 3845 <--- 2801(CCME)<--- LAN 2

New Member

Re: CCME conferencing

no body to answer me ???

Re: CCME conferencing

The difference between the NM DSPs and the On-board PVDM2-X DSPs aren't that large. The NM HDV2-X run C5510, and the PVDM2-X run C5510, but the other NM cards run things like C549 DSPs.

There are different bugs for each, and the configuration will be different depending on the type as well.

Generally they accomplish the same thing. But they're different.


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