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CDR analysis and reporting output translation

Is there an easy was to translate CDR data into something easily understood?

I had to pull the to/from call records for a particular extension during a certain month long time frame and parse it by hand in excel to clean it up sorted by date/time so that a non technical staff member could understand it without me translating.  Some one suggested Cisco VLT but I don't think it's for this kind of data

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Re: CDR analysis and reporting output translation

I assume you mean you got CDR flat files, VLT is not for that. It's for CUCM traces.

You can use CAR to create reports.

You don't mention version so I'll provide the latest one:

Cisco Unified CDR Analysis and Reporting Administration Guide, Release 8.0(2)

You can buy a 3rd party billing server that can process the flat files and provide reporting.

Another option would be to write down your own program to do this, field definition is here:

Cisco Call Detail Records Field  Descriptions



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Re: CDR analysis and reporting output translation

I am using CAR to create reports.

CDR -> Search ->by usernam/extension.

I'm specifying a single DN and time frame.  I use the send function to email the file to myself.  The output is a .txt file that to anyone else but me is confusing.  Even placed in Excel it is tedious to parse the data for what the user needs much less make it readable to a non tech person.

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Re: CDR analysis and reporting output translation

I forgot to mention that it's CUCM Ver 7

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