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CDR FIles in Call Manager version 7.1.5-30000

Good Morning:

I have a cluster of servers Cisco Call Manager version; 01 Publisher and 02 subscriber. The publisher server passes CDR files to a call accounting application PC-SYSTEL on another server. At one point the CDR files are no longer spend the Call Manager to the application PC-SYSTEL

Call manager services are reviewed, the part of CDR Management in Cisco Unified Serviciability right. The only solution is doing a RESTART to PUBLISHER server,  and then again go CDR files to the application PC-SYSTEL
Please anyone has any solution other than to give a RESTART PUBLISHER server, or is this the only way to restore this service.

Expect your news.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.




Hi Fernando,Please check the

Hi Fernando,

Please check the following.

(1) Confirm that the billing server is configured correctly (verify the IP address). From the Cisco Unified Serviceability page, navigate to Tools > CDR Management to view the billing server parameters.


(2) Check if you can ping the billing server from the Publisher. From the Publisher CLI, you can use the following command:


utils network ping a.b.c.d
   where a.b.c.d is the IP address of the billing server


(3) Check if the FTP (or SFTP) service/software running on the billing server.


(4) Check if the billing server is running out of disk-space.


(5) Check if the CDR Respository Manager service is running on the Publisher. If not, start the CDR Repository Manager service.


(6) On the Publisher, check the 'preserve' and 'destinationX' (X can be 1, 2 or 3) directories for CDR flat files. For example: if transfer of CDR files to billing server is broken from Jan 6th, then use the following commands:


file list activelog /cm/cdr_repository/preserve/20110106


file list activelog /cm/cdr_repository/destination1/20110106
(if multiple billing servers are configuration, the location will be similar to above, but the corresponding directories will be named destination2, destination3). This location contains symbolic links to files under preserve. CDR Repository Manager service uses these soft-links to determine what files need to be transfered to billing server.
  • If you don't observe files in either the 'preserve' or the 'destinationX' locations for the specific date, then it means that problem does not reside on the Publisher. Either the CDR records were not generated by the server that handled the call or it could mean that CDR Agent service on that server could not transfer flat files to the Publisher. Was the 'CDR Enabled Flag is enabled in CallManager service' enabled on that particular date ? Is the CDR Agent service running on the node that handled the call ?


  • If you observe files in the 'preserve' directory for the specific date, try restarting the CDR Repository Manager service on the Publisher. If the file transfer to the billing server does not commence, then set the trace level for the CDR Repository Manager service to Debug, wait 10 minutes, download CDR Repository Manager logs via RTMT and engage Cisco-TAC for further troubleshooting.





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Hi Luis: thank you very much

Hi Luis: thank you very much for your answer, the next time that not pass CDR files from the Call Manager to the accounting server, will review the points that you indicate in your email. Now after the RESTART everything is OK.
Thank you very much again.

Ok, you can refer the

Ok, you can refer the following link for all kind of CDR issues




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