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CDR informations with gateway

Hello everyone,

I need some help to a situation.

We're deploying CUCM 9.1 with Cisco Router 29XX series. In this router I have two different telephone companies connected via E1 (CAS). So I have two telcos connect to this router. The CUCM is connect via SIP Trunk with the router.


CUCM ---> SIP TRUNK --> Router |--> E1 0/0 (CAS) --> Telco1

                                                  |--> E1 0/1 (CAS) --> Telco2

Since I have two differente telcos I have differents costs for calls depending on each E1 we use to place the call. If I use the telco 1 is going to be one cost to a local call but if I use the telco 2 is going to be another fare.

So, I'm trying to discover a way to get the information about the telco I'm using in the CUCM CDR. Maybe some information could be retrieve from the router, like the voice-port that was used or even the dial-peer.

I took a look in CDR and I was able to see the destDeviceName, but this filed appoints to the SipTrunk between the router and the CUCM.

Someone knows a way to get this information I need directly in CDR?

Thanks in advance.


Cisco Employee

CDR informations with gateway

Hi Martin,

Have you tried Device Reports > Gateway > Utiliztion report in the CDR Analysis and reporting tool.


New Member

CDR informations with gateway

Hello Manish, how are you? Thanks for replying.

I saw that option, but it doesn't help very much.

What I need is that the CDR file created by the cucm have an indication of wich Voice-port it has been used in router to complete call.

Let me try to example it.

Let's say I have four (4) E1s to PSTN configured in the router, and the phone registered in the cucm is using this router to place calls to pstn. But in the dial-peer there's a trunkgroup configured appointing the 4 E1s. What I would like is that in the CDR ticket I could get the information of wich E1 the router used to place the call,


New Member

CDR informations with gateway

Hi Martin,

when you use such topology, you should collect the CDR from the GW as well.

For this purposes it is necessary to have the RADIUS server somewhere in the network. You can use e.g. MS solution (IAS or NPS).

In these CDRs, you are able to see the concrete port which was used for transmission.

Also, if you are searching for some kind of call accounting software, then I suggest to follow this link:

It is really powerfull solution!

And if you need any help with the RADIUS settings, just let us know.



New Member

CDR informations with gateway

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the tip. I was thinking in make the gateway as MGCP, so in CUCM CDR I'll be able to seet the specific trunk.

I will get in touch if need some help to configure RADIUS.

Thank you very much.

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