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Centralized Unity multisite deployment of IP phones

So we all know that Unity is a"flat" design when it comes to subscribers and their extensions. If we were dealing with one site and non overlapping DID's, everyone could have their mailbox setup with First,Last Name and their 4 digit extension.

When we get into a multi-site enviroment, I am going to run into overlapping DID's.

The only way I can circumvent is to create Unity subscribers with unique mailbox numbers.

Joe Doe today: x4001 (Flat one site)

Joe Doe in multi-site: 1014001

101=site code for dialing.

Jane Doe in multi-site: 1024001

102=site code for dialing

I would then train my users when dialing in to check their voicemail remotely to enter in the complete 7 digit mailbox.

If I had multiply Unity servers, I could get around this and have one Unity server per site. (Dialing domains would be used, etc) they could then keep their 4 digit mailbox instead of 7

My question is: Are there any shortcuts or other options I have? Is there anyway to prepend the digits from the person calling remote? Or other options? (based on CallHandler or Search Space from CallManager, etc?

Thanks much!

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Re: Centralized Unity multisite deployment of IP phones

We are faced with the same issue and we use facility dial codes too. Did you ever get an answer to this or figure out a workaround?

Re: Centralized Unity multisite deployment of IP phones

I ended up going with 7 digit mailboxes. For example:

Site Codes:

San Jose - 300

San Fran - 400

New York - 500

If John Doe is at the San Fran office, I have his mailbox extension at: 400xxxx (xxxx= 4 digit extension)

In CallManager, we put in voicemail routes that would prepend the site code to the 4 digit so Unity could pick it up correctly.

If I added a John's phone at the San Fran site, we configured a voicemail profile for that phone to roll to Unity with prepending the digits.

It all works fine so far. We had to train the users and help them understand why we went from a 4 to 7 digit.

I also created a CallHandler for each site when they call in the "backdoor" to Unity to check voicemail.

So for San Fran, the subscribers would call a local exchange number to that office for instance, 415.341.1000

This number would hit the router, forward to Unity, The callhandler would listen for this number and play the greeting for that number.

"You have reached company xyz san francisco voicemail network. To login into your voicemail, press * and enter your 7 digit login id. Remember, you 7 digit login id is 400 and your 4 digit extension."

We would do this for each site to help them adjust to checking voicemails remotely when dialing into the system.

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Re: Centralized Unity multisite deployment of IP phones

Thanks for the fast reply. Our parent company is doing similar to your solution. I like callhandler idea. I found another good solution on this thread "Overlapping number ranges & Unity". It's approach is taking advantage of the "voice mail profile" and using a "voice mailbox mask". I recommend checking it out.

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