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CER 8.5 Bridge Upgrade Question

I have a 7825-H3 server that is supported with CER 8.5 if the server had 4 GB of RAM.     Currently the server only has 2 GB RAM.

As soon as I upgrade to 8.5 (or 8.6) I am going to DRS backup the server and then restore onto new UCS hardware.   So i dont want to add another 2 GB of ram into the box.

Does anyone know if this specific server will perform a bridge upgrade if it has 2 GB of ram instead of 4 GB ?


CER 8.5 Bridge Upgrade Question


Referring to the release notes of CER 8.5,

Bridge Upgrade

The bridge upgrade provides a migration path for customers who use discontinued server models.

A bridge upgrade works on unsupported or discontinued hardware for the purpose of creating a DRS backup. The DRS backup can be restored on new hardware after a fresh installation completes.

When the system boots the new version, a warning appears on the console informing the user that the system functionality has been limited to making a DRS backup. Because of the restricted visibility of the console, the warning displays during both the CLI and GUI sessions. License upload will have no impact on the system services after the brigade upgrade on unsupported hardware.

Bridge upgrades result in a new entry being added to the system history log file.

You can still take a backup with 2GB, for restoring purpose on new supported hardware\ UCS platform.

Hope it helps.


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CER 8.5 Bridge Upgrade Question

Thanks Anand.

Since technically the server would be a 'supported server' if it has 4 GB of RAM, i wasn't sure whether it would fall into the 'unsupported or discontinued hardware' category with 2 GB of RAM. 

There is a section in the release notes that lists 'bridge upgrade' servers, it would be nice if the documentation could be updated to list the servers that would be 'supported' with 4 GB of ram in the bridged upgrade section with 2 GB of ram.

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