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CER - IP Phone/SW port sends Default ERL info

I'm not sure if anyone else has run into this. Cisco TAC couldn't explain it. We recently moved some users from one building to another. we have a pub and sub CER.

WE already have phones in the new building that call 911 and show the correct ERL. our CER sends ERL info based on switch location, all ports on a switch belong to an ERL. i checked and double checked the port that this particular phone was plugged into, it was assigned to the correct ERL, yet when we dialed 911, the default ERL was being sent. i reset the phone, shut and unshut the port and still we had the problem. i had to unplugg the phone and plug it back in at the switch before the issue got cleared up...?


Re: CER - IP Phone/SW port sends Default ERL info

I have this same problem and its driving me insane CER 7.1.1 CUCM 7.1.2

Did you ever find a solution? This is insane and annoying!!!


Re: CER - IP Phone/SW port sends Default ERL info

Are you sure the SNMP is enabled on CUCM (sub, pub, etc) and also added into the CER SNMP? If it's not, CER cant exactly located everything in its database. If you search for a phone in CER, and you see it is the default Zone, this is probably why.

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