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CER PSAP route pattern and Dial Plan

I'm having an interesting issue with my Call Manager and CER. When a user dials an outside line, the route filter we have set up sends them to a 9.@ route pattern. However, with our CER configuration for PSAP callback, there is also a directory number 913XXXXXXXXXX configured on a CTI route point for ELIN identification.

So, when a user dials a 9.13XXXXXXXXX, the call manager waits to route the dialed number as there could possibly be an extra digit. Therefore, a user must wait for the t302 timer to timeout when dialing any area code that begins with  a 3.

Is there any way to fix this besides lowering the T302 timeout to keep the end-user from becoming frustrated, or re-doing our whole route plan away from route filters and 9.@ route patterns?




Re: CER PSAP route pattern and Dial Plan

Well, its more of routing for CER.  CER uses 911, 912, and 913.  These are steering digits for callback on the CTI to CER.

So you have two choices.

You can use PT/CSS to make changes with how and who can dial what. (CER and the end use being who)  rearrange the PT/CSS so 913 does not overlap with the phones and CER somehow. (hard to say how your dial plan is layed out)

Or you can simply change the prefxi in CER to say 914.  You can use anything.. it does not have to be 913.   Just make sure the system is tested throughout.  Typically, if you have 913 in use, you may have a second CER that is the failover in case the primary goes down. (if I recall)

So on the CTI, you have 911, which if you look on the line, has 912 in the CTI failure.  912 then tries to dial the secondary CER server (if I recall).   If 912 fails, it then tries 913 which typically then goes out as the base ERL zone callback number.

But again, its more of just connecting the dots in the route patterns, CTI and line settings to ensure everything still works if you change 913 in CER.

In CER, there are also configs to update, but they can be done in bulk also.

Hopefully its not too confusing.

Re: CER PSAP route pattern and Dial Plan

I would definitely suggest the PT/CSS approach.  If you try to change it to 914, you will just run into problems with users dialing 9.14XX XXX XXXX.  Create a CER partition (we call ours 911-PT) and a CSS (we use 911-CSS)  (Yeah, we're really creative around here), and go from there.

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