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CER Question

One of my customer is running a cluster of CCM 6.x. All the 911 calls are routed through the Analog lines /FXO installed on the routers. Everything is working fine.

Customer has also got a CER server and wants to use that just for notification purpose. No ELIN , NO ERL .

If someone dial 911 then call should use the analog lines and should show the notification info via email / phone or web browser.

What is the minimum config needed for this setup ?



Re: CER Question

You will still need to configure the "full boat" if you want the notification to work. What happens to to trigger a notification is the actual call hitting CER from CUCM. The ERL has information tied to notification. If no call hits the ERL or came from the ERL, then there is no notification to be sent out. You can still have the calls go out there designated FXO ports on the routers, but you will need to set this all up.

Another solution, not sure on CUCM 6 there is a way to do this, but the CDR records will hold the 911 call. If a third party software has access to the CDR records in real-time (I know most of it is only FTP flat file from CUCM) it could possibly notify.

But to answer your question, you will need to configure the ELINs, ERL, etc for notifications to work.

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