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cfwdall issue on cucm 8.6 fast beep


We have centralized environment where in our multiple locations connected using full mesh mpls cloud.

following is the scenerio:

extn 2281 -- PT-BAH -- CSS-BAH-National -- DP-BAH

extn 3281 -- PT-DXB- CSS-DXB-National -- DP-DXB

extn 3281 cfwdall -- CSS-DXB-National

Scenerio 1: In 3281, we do a cfwdall to an external mobile number. We extn 2281 dial 3281, we hear the fast busy tone.

Scenerio 2 : The same works vice versa, ie., if we do cfwdall in 2281 for some external number, and when 3281 dial 2281 it goes using the respective gateway

Also note that for scenerio 1, there no call comes to the voice gateway.

For extn 3281, there is a Standard LRG which is configured for the route pattern matching the external mobile number.

where as in 2281, there is no standard LRG for the respective voice gateway.

Both the extensions uses their respective separate voice gateway.

Please let me know if you require more information to get the root cause of this.


cfwdall issue on cucm 8.6 fast beep


Did you configure the right CSS for Call forward all?

And which Calling Search Space Avtivation Policy is configured?

Remember that default value is "With CSS Configured"

If you want to change this behaviour, you have two options:

Select different CSS Activation Policy for the single Directory Number,

Change it globally in the service parameters configuration page.




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