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change MeetingPlace Express hostname

What is required to change the host name of a meeting poace express server? I saw something about running the Net command from the console and rebooting after changing is that all?




Re: change MeetingPlace Express hostname

Hi Doug -

You didn't mention your MPE version/release. Yes, you can use the Net command to change the hostname, remember there is a hostname for both eth interfaces. For example, if you change the http interface, I recommend you update the new hostname in DNS; also send the new url to your users, for example our users enter mpxsystem instead of the eth0 IP address to use the application.

- Also, if you change the hostname and you are using SSL, you need to reissue the certificates - check out the link here for that -

- If you are using the Phone View feature, you will need to update the Service URL.

- If you are using the Outlook plugin, you will need to update the URL for any Outlook user with the plugin installed.

- Lastly, if you're running MPE 1.X or 2.0, check out the release notes as there were a couple of bugs related to changing hostname that might affect you -

Regards, Ginger

Community Member

Re: change MeetingPlace Express hostname

Just as an FYI I am running 2.1

Thanks for the help Ginger.


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