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Change Trend ServerProtect to OfficeScan Server

Hi -

We are running Unity 4.0(5) with the supported version of Trend ServerProtect. Our forest domains are planning/scheduling the move from Trend ServerProtect to OfficeScan for Servers. Making this change requires a server reboot. I haven't seen much on this new update as far as Unity compatibility is concerned. Is anyone running OfficeScan for Servers with Unity? Would our Cisco forum experts confirm this software is supported to run with Unity?

Thanks much in advance!



Re: Change Trend ServerProtect to OfficeScan Server

Hi all -

I opened a TAC case on this. TAC's supported stance is that Trend OfficeScan for Servers is not supported. That doesn't mean Unity won't run with it on the box, but that it may be asked to be removed when troubleshooting with TAC on another issue. We have until February to move from Trend ServerProtect to OfficeScan for Servers, so I will test and report back "unofficially" here.


Re: Change Trend ServerProtect to OfficeScan Server

Hi - Here is my "unofficial" update for Unity 4.1 running on Windows 2003 SP1 in a lab environment:

Trend ServerProtect was migrated to OfficeScan this morning. This action was performed from the Trend Server. A reboot was required because Unity is running on Windows 2003. From what I understand, a reboot is not required on Windows 2000 servers. No apparent negative effect to Unity, but will continue to monitor.



Re: Change Trend ServerProtect to OfficeScan Server

Hi all - another update

We migrated Trend ServerProtect to OfficeScan on one of the production Unity servers this past weekend since the domain is moving forward with its OfficeScan migrations. No problems with Unity (all unified messaging and Unity Assistant all working as expected). But I am running CSA 1.1.4, which had a fix in it to allow Trend ServerProtect updates. CSA is not allowing the pattern file to be updated - so I have temporarily disabled CSA on this one server only. Here is the message I am seeing in the Event log - forwarding this to you in case it helps anyone ...

Application event ID 256 - CsAgent - The program 'C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\OfficeScan Client\temp\upgrade.exe' was recently downloaded and attempted to execute. The user was queried whether to allow this operation. The user chose 'Terminate (not logged in)'. The symptom is that Update Now appears to work OK, but the installed pattern is not current. The pattern update also does not remove the earliest pattern file from the c:\program files\trend\officescan directory. It saves the new one plus one version back for restoration purposes. I see there is a new CSA available, version 2.2, but the release notes did not address any new features. The OfficeScan migration deletes the one Trend ServerProtect service and installs three services, the same ones installed on a workstation (OfficeScanNT Listener, Personal Firewall, and RealTime Scan). We are not using the personal firewall, therefore it was Disabled for startup.

Regards, Ginger

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