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Changing all call handler files names


We are looking to give all call handlers meaningful file names. For example if we look at the call handlers in ATM it is possible to edit many attributes, but not the actual file name and extension of the wav file. So everytime we record a new greeting for a specific call handler we need to name it bvcentral 234762426.wav etc and overwrite one that already exists... Is there anyway we can change the path / file name that unity looks at for these call handlers?

Thanks in advance.



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Re: Changing all call handler files names

Not entirely sure what you mean by changing the file path name to the call handler - handlers are references in a database. I assume you mean the path and file name to the greetings associated with a call handler.

There's no exposed/supported way to change the alias of a call handler once it's created - you can change the display name all you want but this will not change the alias (the alias must be unique, the display name does not). The wav files for greetings associated with a call handler are based off the unique alias name.

I'm also confused by what you mean by renaming the WAV file - if you do that then Unity will not find the greeting in question - you can't just change wav file names in the streams directory and expect Unity to then know where to look for it - I assume you left out a step or two here since that just doesn't work.

You can probably change the alias of a call handler without breaking things but I've never tested it - references to a handler should be only through it's ObjectID (a guid generated when you create the handler) and not the alias - there's exceptions to this for the default system handlers (i.e. opening greeting, operator and say goodbye call handlers). However it's not supported and really not a good idea to be messing around in the DB for this.

I guess my other question is why do you care what the WAV file names are on the HD? Are you guys going in and changing the recordings outside of Unity and using the file names for this purpose? Perhaps some more details on what you're doing and why would be helpful here... there may be another approach to do what you guys want.

Re: Changing all call handler files names

I have had issues with changing the Alias of the Call Handler. It will work off the root for intial calls, but let's say you have a subscriber profile up, and you want to change the behavior of the call after the caller has left a message... you want it to return to a call handler.. if you rename the call handler, the subscriber does not update. You have to manually go an do this. If you don't update it manually (simply just selecting the Call Handler you renamed) it will give the default Unity Error message and hang up. Fun stuff.

If you want to organizer your wav files per say.. you will want to export the file, save it as a whatever the file is, then import it back in use SA for all this (and explorer to rename the file) You can organize all your WAV files for backup purposes into one folder.

hope this helps.

Re: Changing all call handler files names

Oh, of course.... I would never doubt the great jeff lindborg... he helped write the holy bible of Unity! Thanks Jeff! It's like a cookbook on my desk, always open to some page for reference.!!

If you do not have it, get it! Unity Solutions and Deployment Guide

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Re: Changing all call handler files names

Hi Jeff,

I apologise if I didnt make myself clear, I was in a mad rush when I posted my last.

Yes, you are correct in saying that all of the .wav files for the greetings are recorded outside of Unity. So what I have to do currenlty is copy the file into the StreamFiles directory and rename it so the call handler is looking at the appropriate file name.



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