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Changing Language on AIM-CUE 3.0.1

So we bought our AIM-CUEs in Germany and are installing them in Italy.

Documentation says that 2 languages are supported on AIM-CUE.

When installing cue-vm-langpack.nm-aim.3.0.1.pkg get message:

Language add-ons found on the system (1):

Installed SKU Name (version)


* DEU CUE Voicemail German (

Maximum allowed language add-ons (=1) already installed.

You can use "software uninstall" to remove add-ons.

Also can't uninstall German (software uninstall):

You selected all languages to be uninstalled.

Please clear at least one language from the uninstall menu.

Cisco Employee

Re: Changing Language on AIM-CUE 3.0.1

Is this a 1 GB CUE (or a 512 MB CUE -- see )? Did you apply the 3.0 license to the system, or was it upgraded from an earlier release?

Community Member

Re: Changing Language on AIM-CUE 3.0.1

Its a new 3.0, 1GB (output below).

Looking at the 'show software version', is the problem that we have 'Language Support' and 'German', where 'Language Support' is being counted as a language? But then we can't uninstall this either.


Installed Packages:

Software Version: 3.0.1

- Installer

- Thirdparty

- Bootloader (Primary) 2.1.14

- Infrastructure

- Global

- GPL Infrastructure

- Voice Mail

- Bootloader (Secondary)

- Core

- Auto Attendant

Installed Plug-ins:

- CUE Voicemail Language Support

- CUE Voicemail German


Installed license files:

- voicemail_lic.sig : 12 MAILBOX LICENSE


- Application mode: CCM

- Total usable system ports: 6

Voicemail/Auto Attendant:

- Max system mailbox capacity time: 840

- Default # of general delivery mailboxes: 5

- Default # of personal mailboxes: 12

- Max # of configurable mailboxes: 17

Interactive Voice Response:

- Max # of IVR ports: Not Available


- Max installed languages: 2

- Max enabled languages: 2

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