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Changing the Presence Domain

Hey guys.


Just wanted to know if anyone has ever changed their presence domain ? 
Actually my customer presence domain is COMPANY.LOCAL but I would like to change it to COMPANY.COM in order to deploy expressway and federation in a much proper way.

I don't see the impact of doing such things but I just wanted to have some feedback regarding that operation :)

I know I have to shutdown XCP Router and other service before performing the change :)


Thanks for your feedback :)




I don't think you would see

I don't think you would see much impact other than shutting down the services and possibly restarting the presence server itself.

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Hi Michael ! The server has

Hi Michael !


The server has been migrated to a new presence domain but I had to change the DNS domain as well .. (this is mandatory per the config guide)


This means that all the certificates had to be re generated. The subscriber went crazy and thought it was out of the cluster, so I had to reinstall it :(


Just to let you know




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Hi Nicolas, Did you notice

Hi Nicolas,


Did you notice any difference in user´s contact list after the change?

All contacts were maintained?





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Hi ! Yes contact list will

Hi !


Yes contact list will remain (at least on my version).

I did say that I had to change the DNS name but I changed it back ... we experienced a bug that was under investigation by Cisco TAC.

Presence domain and server domain name can be different of course


I know NTP forces a rehost

I know NTP forces a rehost and I think DNS does as well which is probably why you ran into problems.

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