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Changing the "Opening Greeting" Call Handler

Unity 4.1

I have heard through some Cisco employees that you should not change the "Opening Greeting" Call Handler, because TAC my not support. We want to customize the opening greeting: Welcome to "Our Company Name",

I find it hard to believe we cannot record our own greeting. It's just a call handler! Am I missing something? Is there any truth to this, or is it just misinformation?

Cisco Employee

Re: Changing the "Opening Greeting" Call Handler

Not sure who told you that but that's absolutely not the case. It's expected that you change that greeting! It'd be tough to assume you'd want folks hearing that they're calling Cisco Unity Messaging System instead of your company after all...

Just don't delete the opening greeting call handler - this may be what they had in mind. This is hard to do since it's marked undeletable so you can't remove it unless you go into the raw SQL database and delete it yourself.

New Member

Re: Changing the "Opening Greeting" Call Handler

This seems to be an old persistent rumor out there along the lines of "don't mess with the Example Administrator" and "never touch the Call Routing rules". I've heard this one before too. These themes used to be espoused by trainers several years ago.

Re: Changing the "Opening Greeting" Call Handler

I think what they mean is to not change the name "opening greeting" I have had issues in the past where I have changed the default name of "open greeting" to things like "Company opening greeting 1" etc. Because I may have had a couple opening greetings. But when you change that default one, it somehow is linked by "name" in the database. When you go to reference it elsewhere, and select it, you may get an error when it goes to roll back to default opening greeting, because it "thinks" it is not there. Why? because we changed the name of it. Try it. When you are in voicemail leaving a message and you hit a bunch of on the TUI, and it tries to send you out of the system to the default call handler, with the new opening greeting, it may or may not work. Unless you manually update the link.

it's odd.. had me stumped for awhile when people complained about the "sorry, system error" and hang up. All because I was trying to be organized in my greetings, or labeling of greetings.



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