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Changing the server name of CUPS

How hard is it to change the name of a CUPS server?  Can it be done without touching every client?  I assumed that this wasn't possible, but a recent post seemed to suggest that the client pulls the server name from the server after loggin in.  So would it be possible to make that change?  and what would it take?

We are running CUPS 7.0.7 with CUPC 7.0.2 under CUCM 6.1.4.


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Re: Changing the server name of CUPS

I haven't done this, but the following docs seem to indicate no change on the client is necessary.,_Release_7.x_--_Changing_the_IP_Address_and_Hostname_for_Cisco_Unified_Presence_Release_7.x

Hope this helps.


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Re: Changing the server name of CUPS

I've not done it either...

But I would say that since the client automatically pulls the name of the server when you log in, you should be able to change it, and as long as you leave both the old and new hostnames in DNS (resolvable to the correct IP) it should be fine.

Clients with the old name will resolve the right IP, then update to the correct hostname, and be correct from that point.


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Re: Changing the server name of CUPS

It depends on what do you mean by "server name".

CUPS, CUCM, etc. are actually applications running on OS (RedHat Linux).

On the OS level, "server name" means "hostname".  To find out the hostname, you may use "show status" CLI command:

admin:show status

Host Name    : cm7-pub
Date         : Fri May 14, 2010 11:08:51
Time Zone    : Central Standard Time (America/Chicago)
Locale       : en_US.UTF-8
Product Ver  :
Platform Ver :

On the application level, "server name" means "process node".  By default it equals to hostname.  But it could be changed from Admin GUI.  To find out the process node, you may look at the "processnode" table.

admin:run sql select * from processnode
name               mac systemnode description isactive nodeid tknodeusage ipv6name
==================================== ================== === ========== =========== ======== ====== =========== ========
00000000-1111-0000-0000-000000000000 EnterpriseWideData     t                      t        1      1                   
06d3b402-c21c-426e-b8b7-97b48713da55            f          cm7-pub     t        2      0                   
50fa9284-f4bf-b4fb-59b8-99aa1e38ccc5            f          cm7-sub     t        3      1                   

Endpoints such as IP phones, CUPC, Attendant Console, etc. will use "processnode" to connect to the server.  If the endpoint cannot resolve the hostname, they won't be able to connect.  That's the reason you want to change the "processnode" to IP address or FQDN.


1) Changing "processnode" name doesn't change the hostname (and vice versa).  They are two different things.

2) Different applications have different place to change the process node name.  For example, you change processnode name on CUCM > System > Servers.  But on CUPS, you change it on System > Cluster Topology.

Hope this helps!


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