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Changing the TimeZone for MPE 2.x

I'm having a little issue figuring out how to change the timezone on a MPE server.


Re: Changing the TimeZone for MPE 2.x

Hi Tony -

I don't know if this is a TAC approved procedure ...

1. From CLI on the MPE server, get into root

2. At the # prompt, enter setup. This invokes Text Mode Setup Utility 1.13 (on my 2.0 system)

3. Arrow down to Timezone configuration and hit enter

4. Arrow down or up to select the time zone, make sure System Clock uses UTC (this is in the MPE Install & Upgrade Guide). When you find the one you want, use the Tab key to select OK.

5. Use the Tab key to select Quit, which returns you to root.

There's probably another way to do this. The MPE configuration guide mentions the system admin can change the time zone from the CLI, but I could not find a procedure to do so. I can see there is a directory called usr/share/zoneinfo which has zone related file information. Caveat, I would most certainly check with TAC on this before changing. I was able to display this information on my test 2.0 system and did so as a learning experience for myself. I also did not restart MPE, I would almost think you'd want to do this or reboot the server, but that's my opinion.


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