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Changing Unity4.0 exchange 2003 Partner server


I have a customer who has a unity install partnered with exchange 2003 sp2 cluster (2 exhcage serves)

The customer wants to migrate to a stand alone new exchange 2003 server.

Questions I have relate to the following.

1. Can anyone help with what needs to be done. I have the documentation on how to change the partner server. Is there anyother thing I need to do?

2. When do we migrate the Unity accounts,

3. Once we rehome / change the partner server will the existing mailboxes work as we want to phase the migration of mailboxes

The last question is very important as this is larger user base and I want to know if users can be migrated in phases.

I do believe that unity can only be partnered with one server, hence the users on the old cluster after the migration will not have access to voice mails..I just need ot confirm this

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Re: Changing Unity4.0 exchange 2003 Partner server

Hi -

As long as the new Exchange server is in the same AD forest, domain, Exchange administrative group, and you have run the Permissions wizard to assign the permissions for the new information stores, you can move the subscriber mailboxes using Move Mailbox utility at any time. Unity will still operate fine and the users will have access to voice messages (but you must run the permissions wizard for the new Exchange server information stores BEFORE moving user mailboxes!) Thru Unity to AD replication, the Unity subscriber profile page will show the new mailbox location.

2. The partner server is where the Unity_servername mailbox is located. This is the mailbox that receives voice messages from external callers. You can move all of your users over to the new Exchange server without changing the partner relationship (just make sure you don't move the Unity_servername mailbox until you are ready to assign the new partner server).

3. When ready to reassign the new partner server, move the Unity_Servername mailbox to the new server. Logon to Unity server using your Install account > Go to Control Panel on the Unity server > Add or Remove Programs > Select program Cisco Unity Message Store Configuration Wizard > Select Change/Remove. Run the program and when it comes to the information store, select the SAME location you moved the Unity_servername mailbox to.

P.S. You'll want to run the message store config wizard during your change window.


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Re: Changing Unity4.0 exchange 2003 Partner server


Thanks alot for the post.

Can you please clearify the following for me

1. The old servers will be decommisioned, hence we will need to partner the new server

2. Do I need delegate exchange control on the new exchange server..

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