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Chaning default behavior of Unity Connection 2.x Sign In Conversation

I'm at a loss on this. I'm running Unity Connection 2.x in a multi-tenant configuration.

I have an issue that I think traces back to needing to modify the behavior of the default "Sign In" conversation.

When a caller calls in and presses the * key during a voicemail greeting they get thrown to the Sign In conversation, which is expected. My issue is that when they don't provide an ID (in spite of being prompted to twice) they then get tossed to the default "Opening Greeting" Call Handler.

In a single tenant environment this isn't an issue, as you (likely) just have a single operator (or at least a single number to call) and a single directory. But, in our environment we have multiple directories (limited by CoS affiliation) and multiple "Operators".

What I'm trying to figure out is how to create multiple versions of the "Sign In" conversation to be able to direct calls to, and to be able to then assign different targets for those conversations.

I can't help but suspect that this ability doesn't exist in Unity Connection

They talk about conversations in the help files as through you should be able to edit them, but I can't find any interface to do so.

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