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Cisco 5 with Exchange 2010 and Database Availability Groups


Unity 5 was installed a long time. Recently installed with the latest ES88 to the system. The fact is we have Exchange 2007 (clustered) mailbox server in the network environment, and introduced the Exchange 2010 (with DAG activated).

So far we didn't do any "re-partnering" from the Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010. The end users are working fine by leaving voice message and can retreive their voice without too much issue, no matter where the End Users account are located, Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010.

But lately, there was some actions taken in the Exchange environment. Some Exchange 2010 mailstore databases in one of the Exchange 2010 server, with DAG has been activated.

In this case, we are now unable to leave any voice messages to the end usrs. All the voice messages are now being held in C:\CommServer\UnityMTA.

Want to ask, does Unity 5 and Exchange 2010 compatible with DAG? Also, is that my problem is caused by re-partnering server not taken place? If yes, which Exchange 2010 mailbox database server I should point to? Reason is, there will have 3 physical servers, and with several DB mailstore, if I select one of the physical server, and one of the D mailstore, will this be affected when the DAG is activated?



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