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Cisco 7942, procurve switch, multiple vlan support

Hey folks,

Have a CUCM 7.1.3 deployment (inherited).  A remote site has a procurve switch (2610-48-PWR).  The switch is carved up with ports 1-24 for data, 25-42 for Voice, 43-48 for "other" devices (wireless stuff primarily). 49-52 are tagged within the other three vlans.

Well, I would like to just have 1-48 with two vlans, Voice and Data.  I have played around with this for three days on a test network, and getting no where fast.  I'm posting here first to determine if CUCM sets a phone to decide if it will be supporting two vlans off of the 7942 switch or not.  The procurve switch config snippet looks like this (note, my TEST network here only has a 24 port switch, 2824 model):

ip default-gateway

vlan 1

   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"

   untagged 21-24

   no ip address

   no untagged 1-20


vlan 20

   name "Data"

   ip address

   qos priority 0

   ip helper-address

   tagged 1-20,24


vlan 22

   name "Voice"

   untagged 1-20

   ip address

   qos dscp 011000

   ip helper-address

   tagged 21-24



lldp enable-notification 1-20

When plugging in the phone, it will always grab an IP address from which ever vlan is considered "UNTagged".  The laptop hanging off of the phone port will also get an IP address in the same network.

So, my question comes down to this: Is there something in CUCM that is set to not use multiple vlans on a phone?



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Cisco 7942, procurve switch, multiple vlan support

Hello James,

  I have looked into this once before, and it should be possible with LLDP-MED (with firmware 8.3(3) and later).

The customer I was working on this with ended out changing their minds before we had an opportunity to implement and test (decided to replace the HP switches with Cisco switches), so I don't have a lot of information, but I do still have some of my notes as follows:

Ensure the phone has LLDP-MED enabled.  if the phone is currently registered with CUCM, scroll down on the device settings to the product specific conf section and ensure "Link Layer Discovery Protocol - Media Endpoint Discover (LLDP-MED): Switch Port" is enabled.

As for the Procurve config, I pulled the following information about LLDP-MED config on the procurve switch from a document on HP's site about Interoperability between Cisco Unified IP 7900 Series phones and ProCurve switches

5.2 Configure LLDP-MED on the ProCurve switch

1. Defining a VLAN as voice VLAN enables LLDP-MED:

(conf)# vlan 70 voice

Enables LLDP-MED

2. Then configure LLDP-MED. LLDP-MED must be configured on the switch to support MED TLVs, in particular

network policy and capabilities:

(conf)# lldp run

(conf)# lldp config medTlvEnable network_policy

(conf)# lldp config medTlvEnable capabilities

3. To obtain information about the phone, issue the command:

show lldp info remote X

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Re: Cisco 7942, procurve switch, multiple vlan support

Thanks for the reply d_pointer.

"Ensure LLDP-MED is enabled" - Yes.

"Procurve interoperability doc" - Yea, I've crawled all over that thing for hte past two plus days.  The test switches I have, Procurve 2810 and 2824, do not seem to have the parameter medTlvEnable that you get from issuing lldp config medTlvEnable network_policy (as well as capabilities).

If I remote into either a 5406zl (my core switch) or the switch I am wishing to reconfigure (2610-48-PWR), then those commands are available.  Since both of those switches support POE, maybe I cannot do this without a POE switch to test with.

Oh, and I am using a cisco brick to power up the phone currently.

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Re: Cisco 7942, procurve switch, multiple vlan support

Is it possible that the phone just isn't negotiating or even implementing LLDP-MED?  Looking at the phone, I see the following:

Load file: SCCP42.8-5-2SR1S

Boot Load ID: tnp42.8-3-1-21a.bin

Device Configuration:

   QoS Configuration

      DSCP for call control: CS3

      DSCP for Configuration: CS3

      DSCP for services: Default

   Network Configuration

      CDP: PC Port Enabled

      CDP: SW Port Enabled

      Peer Firmware Sharing: Disabled

      LLDP: PC Port Enabled

      LLDP-MED: SW Port Enabled

      LLDP POwer Priority: Unkown

      LLDP Asset ID:

   Security Configuration

      Voice VLAN Enabled: Yes

Network Configuration:

   Operational VLAN ID:

   Admin Vlan ID:  

   PC Port Configuration: Auto Negotiate

I only listed what I thought of as relavant, although there may be more someone wishes to see that what I listed.  If so, just let me know.



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