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Cisco Agent ICPC can not connect outside calls

In the LAN is working properly, but the moment you enter the external call and hangs want to answer.

Thank for you answer.



Cisco Agent ICPC can not connect outside calls

Hi ,

Configuration and Registration Tasks:

After you have installed the Cisco IP Communicator application, completed the Audio Tuning Wizard,

and can see the Cisco IP Communicator interface on your desktop, you may need to complete one or

more of the configuration and registration tasks listed below before you can start making calls.

Note The following tasks vary by company and phone system; your system administrator will give

you specific instructions. Do not perform these tasks unless instructed to do so.

Choosing a network adapter:

Cisco IP Communicator relies on your network adapter selection to identify itself to the network; the

correct network adapter must be selected for Cisco IP Communicator to function properly. To select

a network adapter, right-click on the Cisco IP Communicator interface, then choose Preferences >

Network > Device Name, and choose a network adapter from the Network Adapter drop-down menu.

Your system administrator will tell you which network adapter to choose. In general, you should

choose the adapter that is most likely to provide permanent connectivity or the adapter that is always

enabled—even if it is not plugged in. Avoid choosing a wireless card.

Note : This setting is used for network identification, not audio transmission. You do not need to

change this setting once it is established unless you are permanently removing or disabling the

selected network adapter.

Reference: IPCUserGuide.pdf

Hope it helps.


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