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Cisco Call Manager 6.1 issue with MGCP PRI setup

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Has anyone come across this issue. I been searching the bug reports and cannot seem to find one.

Two weeks ago we started getting issues with Robotic voice and dead air during calls.

We have two PRI's. One goes to the PSTN and one connect into our PBX (Nortel). The issue was first noticed when placing calls to the Nortel PBX. Then as the days went on it started getting worse.

I checked a Sh Controller command on both gateways (They are 2811's running the same IOS) and noticed tons of slip and crc errors. We rebooted the gateways one day and it did not resolve it. I was thinking it was Callmanager because that was the common device.

After a reboot of the call manager the errors went away and the issue is gone. 5 days later and there are still no errors on either T1 so the issue was with the Call Manager. I am trying to find something that I can say this caused the problem but I cannot.

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