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cisco cuom 2.0(1)

hi to all,

i receive an alert from de CCMSubscriber ExcessiveDAFault Event Code 2100. and more alerts from other servers with differents codes, i see in the documentation what happens but not how to fix it.

How can i see the codes and the solutions.


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Re: cisco cuom 2.0(1)

If you keep receiving the event "ExcessiveDAFault" even after clearing it then you are most likely running into the bug CSCsm60769 which says that HP servers are having incorrectly populating the snmp object for disk array faults and thus causing CUOM to generate this event. There is a patch posted for this for CUOM 2.0.2 to suspend monitoring of this event in CUOM since it is unreliable. In CUOM 2.0.3 this event is suspended by default.

We are currently working on providing steps to resolution for each event in the user guide for a future version of CUOM. If you have a real need to find a solution to a specific event then please open a TAC case.

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Re: cisco cuom 2.0(1)

Hi spaladug,

Thanks a lot for the information,

So i understand that if i continue with the cuom version 2.0.1 can't suspend monitoring this event.



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Re: cisco cuom 2.0(1)

Hi Alberto,

There is no way to stop monitoring of a specific event in CUOM 2.0.1. The only way for you to stop this event is to either 1) upgrade to 2.0.2 and then download the patch for CSCsm60769 2) open a TAC case and we can create a patch for CUOM 2.0.1.

I would recommend that you get to the latest CUOM version (2.0.3) since it is a maintenance release and there are many bugs fixed including this one for excessiveDAFaults. Please understand that you can only upgrade to 2.0.3 from 2.0.2. Therefore you will have to do an intermediate upgrade to CUOM 2.0.2 before going to 2.0.3.

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