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Cisco Fax Server !!

hi all,

does any body has cisco right fax server installation experience !! can any one tell me where it will be installed into network !! i mean does it will integrate with Call Manager !! or does it will integrate with Gateway !!! or does it require some special card !! or does it will integrate with both !!!

can any one give me just the basic diagram or its connectivity into network !!

Thanks in advance !!!

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Re: Cisco Fax Server !!


I have implemented the Rightfax server with CUCM 6.x. Rightfax makes the Cisco Fax Server. IN my server I have no hardware boards. Instead I am using SR140 software that lets you send and receive faxes over IP. You can integrate with CallManager and either MGCP or H.323 gateways.

You should get a copy of this book: Fax, Modem, and Text for IP Telephony -

One of the authors also has a blog on - just on fax, modem and text over IP.

Re: Cisco Fax Server !!

I agree with you on the book, it's highly recommended. These guys are doing a talk at Networkers on this year as well.

For Rightfax integration, take a look at the attached documentation for some suggested parameters to get this to work.



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Re: Cisco Fax Server !!

Hi Nick,

I guess the file expired to download. Could you pls upload once again. Thank you.



Re: Cisco Fax Server !!

Here you go. (grabbed my own download, not sure why there might be problems)


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Re: Cisco Fax Server !!

Thanks Nick.



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Re: Cisco Fax Server !!


i have one brooktrout card for fax, i have saw first time this card, where this card will get installed ?? is this will be installed in Server ???? it has one E1 Port so it means do i need one separate PRI or E1 line for it ????

also do i need to integrate it with CCM ???

Reply urgently ..



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Re: Cisco Fax Server !!

the card is Dialogic "TR1034" need to be installed in Cisco fax server it has two ports 1 port is E1 and second is Ethernet.

you have to use one of the two options:

1. use E1 port to connect your E1 line directly to the board, no need for CUCM.

2. use the ethernet port for FoIP, by this option you can integrate with cisco gateway directly where your E1 terminated or using CUCM to route Fax calls.

Note: for option 2 you should assign IP address for ethernet port but for FoIP communication you always use the server NIC IP address.

in case you are using CUCM you configure Fax server as H.323 Gateway using the IP Address of the server NIC, and create Route-Pattern to route incomming faxes, and for outgoing faxes you can rely on your existing route-pattern for outside call.

in case of Cisco gateway you need to creat dial-peer voip with destination-pattern point and sesion target IP address of the server NIC.

if this help please rate it.



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Re: Cisco Fax Server !!

hi mazen !!!

thanks for sharing the nice options about fax solution ....

as per the situation of my customer he dont have sepearate E1 that would be dedicated for Fax ...

so i will prefer to go with the second option which you said ....

if i go for the second option can you share any doc for the configuration .. or can you tell what options do i need to configure


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Re: Cisco Fax Server !!

what about CME,

is cisco fax server supported for call manager express ?

any body made such installation ?


Haytham Nassar

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