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Cisco IM & Presence Intradomain Federation with Lync 2010

I have Cisco IM&P running in a subcluster with 2 servers.  I am also able to get presence and exchange IMs with my Lync 2010 users, BUT, I can only do this if my Jabber users are on the first IMP server in the cluster.  If I move them to the second IMP server in the sub cluster, they cannot see presence or send IMs to Lync.  Jabber users can communicate between eachother now matter which IMP server they are on, can anyone assist with this?  It seems like it might be  a static route configuration with Lync 2010.  Has anyone had the same issue?  Thanks.


Make sure the static domain

Make sure the static domain to Lync doesnt start with a *. This will cause all presence status to go to the Lync side. 

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Do you mean under Presence

Do you mean under Presence>Routing>Static Routes?


If so, I do NOT have the * listed.  Thanks for the suggestion!

Ok, does presence work if you

Ok, does presence work if you dont have the static route. My guess is the communication between the nodes in the subcluster is not working correctly. If you are on node 1 and try to add a user who is on node 2, will that work? If not, i think the subcluster is having issues.

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Yes, the presence between

Yes, the presence between both the PUB/SUB for users on Jabber works fine.  But Jabber -> Lync only works when the Jabber user is on the PUB.  Lync can always get to Jabber users no matter if they are on the PUB/SUB.

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Thanks for the help, I got

Thanks for the help, I got this figured out.  It was a static route issue as well as a cert issue on one of the IM&P servers.

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