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Cisco IP Phone 7925G message "DHCP Timeout"

I have the following configured for Cisco IP 7925G Phones

- Call Manager CUCM 6.1.3

- Cisco Wireless Controller  5508  ----  WLAN configured for  WPA2 with 802.1X + CCKM

- Cisco ACS 5.3 for  Authentication  WPA2 with PEAP

- Cisco Wireless IP Phone  7925G  WLAN configured correctly

- DHCP is Windows Server 2008 R2 with Option 150 on the DHCP Scope plus Gateway, DNS , etc

The Cisco IP Phone 7925G is able to connect to the WLAN correctly . i can see from ACS that the authentication is successful but it can not get the DHCP IP assigment , it is stuck with Configuring IP and then DHCP Timeout . I have tested it , i can connect manually to through the WLAN and get a DHCP IP assigment. I have also run a " Debug DHCP Message " on the WLC 5508  but i don't see the DHCP communication from the IP Phones's 7925G MAC address.

am i missing something ? any help before i sink. SOS !!!!!

New Member

Cisco IP Phone 7925G message "DHCP Timeout"

Did you ever figure this one out?  I am having the exact same issue.

New Member

Cisco IP Phone 7925G message "DHCP Timeout"

Have you edited the DHCP proxy and relay variables on the WLC?

Had similar issues to this at a customer before and it was rectified by removing the DHCP proxy setting.

Also ensure you have DHCP relay enabled for the vlan that the 7925G is connecting on.

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