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Cisco Jabber (iPhone) drops first call

Hey there,

I got a strange problem with all my test-iPhones.

Cisco Jabber for iPhone (latest version) is installed and configured the right way. Its connected and working almost as expected with one exception.

When the iPhone is locked (locked screen after a longer period of time with no action on the iphone) and a call is ariving,

the iPhone only rings one time and then it drops the call. If you call the iPhone again immideately, everything is working fine (its ringing several times until you take the call). This problem only occurs if the iPhone is in standby mode (locked screen after about 15 minutes). If you are playing around with the iPhone in the moment the call is arriving, everything works fine.

I think it has something to do with the wifi connection, because in standby the iphone disconnects it automatically to save energy and then has to initialize it again after the wake up?!

Anybody who experienced the same problem?

Anybody with a solution for that problem?

If you need further information, just let me know!

Out environment is:


Cisco WLC6.0.199.4

iPhone 4s 5.1

Thanks in advance...


Community Member

Cisco Jabber (iPhone) drops first call

No answers?

Please let me know the smallest hints...!

or tell me your configuration where it works correctly...

Best regards...


Community Member

Cisco Jabber (iPhone) drops first call

Hi Dominik

Yes I am seeing similar issues, see post

Cisco are working on it with Apple from all accounts, lets hope its resolved in the next release of J4iPhone and/or iOS.



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